Thursday, August 6, 2015

ADDLED ATHEIST #5: David Nicholls

"Agnostics of the planet are a very dangerous breed"

 What the...I'm dangerous? Yet another article by an atheist who stupidly thinks agnostics are trying to squeeze in somewhere between broad definition atheism and theism. An utter moron. And, this moron appears to have been the president of the Atheist Foundation of Australia.

"As adults it is difficult to modify or undo the infant indoctrination but it is possible"

What this supposedly has to do with agnostics, I have no clue. I don't know about other agnostics, but I was taught no religious beliefs. I ended up with no religious beliefs. Of course, the author would call this being "atheist". I don't. I don't like the broad definition "atheist" labelling.
"There are two distinct classes of agnostics: One is the Atheist, who, not wanting to upset family or friends or fearful of some genuine or presumed ostracism by society, is therefore reticent to openly admit that stand, and the other is the confused thinker."
Do I not like the broad definition "atheist" labelling because I'm fearful of something? No. That's stupid. Nothing like an atheist who thinks they have some kind of big balls, for doing nothing. Here, let me give this a try...

There are two distinct classes of atheists: One is the weak/negative atheist who is acting like they have big balls, just because their chosen label puts them in the same boat as strong/positive atheists, when in reality, their own belief is the same as the agnostic's, and the other is the strong/positive atheist cowardly hiding behind a broad definition, so they can pretend they don't have a burden of proof for their "gods do not exist" claim.

Now, I know that's not entirely, or even remotely, correct. So, let's get back to why I don't use the label "atheist". I think calling the middle "atheist" is stupid. Plain and simple. Simply renaming the middle "atheist" is, in fact, not excluding the middle. Anyone who thinks it does, is an idiot. See BINARY BULLSHIT
"While the confused thinker/agnostic can find no rational reason to believe in anything supernatural they maintain their deep survival yearning."
Ummm, no. Huxley's agnosticism is a form of demarcation. Popper was an agnostic, too. No evidence = untestable and unfalsifiable = unscientific and inconclusive. Inconclusive = no belief, either way.
"The confused thinker/agnostic is really just another religious person."
Ummm, no. I treat the concept of "gods" the same way I treat the concept of "aliens". I consider religious writings somewhat equivalent to sci-fi writing. Using some basic concept, the writer imagines stories, descriptions, abilities, etc. Religious texts may also add some parts that amount to personal "alien" encounters, or "god" encounters.
"the path of the confused thinker/agnostic is one far easier to travel than that chosen by an Atheist"
More perceived atheist bullshit.  Agnostics get treated as non-believers. Some theists will argue with and try to evangelize them. Some even think agnostics are closer to some stupid edge, and give some extra effort, thinking agnostics are close to becoming theists. No. Piss off evangelical theists, unless you have evidence. Plus, we get atheists acting like asshats, as well, insulting and trying to convert us. No. Piss off evangelical atheists, unless you have some evidence. Being neither is not "easier".
"The phrase, confused thinker, and the word agnostic, have always been and will forever remain, synonymous."
The phrase, "confused thinker", and "David Nicholls", will forever remain synonymous, to me.

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